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  • GFDD 8000

    The S 8000 IQ profile system is a new product with a width of 74 mm which meets all the requirements of modern window technology.
  • GFDD 8000+

    The S 8000 IQ Plus System is a unique product with a width of 83 mm and six-chambers creating good thermal insulation properties.

    Very good thermal insulation parameters at an attractive price that allows for better reduction in home heat loss.

    This modern design gives a lot of daylight while providing energy efficiency, water proofness, resistance to wind and air permeability.
  • GFDD MB-70HI

    The modern aluminum system used for production of exterior architectural elements that require thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • GFDD Door Profile

    The Gealan Door Profile is constructed on the basis of the highly-regarded Gealan 8000 window system.
  • GFDD PSK Tilt & Slide

    The PSK Sliding Door System is constructed on the basis of the time-tested Gealan S 8000 IQ window system.

Modern design and perfect thermal insulation properties.
  • GFDD MB-70 Door

    The modern and resistant aluminum doors that represent elegant design and high safety level.

Window Instead of Tablet or TV

GFDD has launched an innovative product of the future. The new interactive window displays various types of media content and is a revolution in the global window and door market. Apart from its standard functions, the company’s first smart window makes it possible to watch TV, browse the Internet, and use a capacitive panel. With this innovative solution, GFDD follows a global trend towards the IoT (Internet of Things).

The innovative multimedia product features an interactive window and a control unit used to control the device and interact with users via a number of interfaces. Its LCD matrix is enclosed in a glass pane, protecting the display from external factors. The window features a low-power ARM processor and interfaces for wireless communications based on the latest standards, such as WIFI (802.11n), Bluetooth (4.1) and Bluetooth Low Energy.

The SmartWindow by Drutex perfectly meshes with the concept of smart construction, which is spreading around the world. The revolutionary window is compatible with other IoT household systems and devices.

A pen drive or a portable drive with various media content can be connected to the window, as well as a keyboard and a mouse. Using your home computer network, the window can access the Internet, thus providing you with completely new window functionalities. As of today, watching YouTube clips and photo galleries or viewing information in the popular Internet channels during everyday activities like cooking, or browsing emails and watching your favourite programmes and series on the window has become reality. Drutex has created a window which incorporates the functions of a TV, a tablet and a working tool. It also has virtual sun protection blinds or awnings, which help you dim the light in the room for even more comfort.


We Have A Handle On Selection

The right design of handles gives an elegant finish to the window, which should be perfect in every detail. The solid construction of our handles means they can be enjoyed for years to come.

PVC Handles

No Panes, No Gains

The modern glazing technology used in windows means that not only are interior spaces warm, but noise is also reduced. Good heat retention and noise reduction improve relaxation and effective work. Security glass packages provide additional peace of mind, while a rich variety of ornamental designs increase the attractiveness of the panes.


Double-glazing is the standard in modern windows. The panes are separated by a cavity filled with argon gas, which has far better insulation properties than air.

  • Good heat retention
  • Noise reduction


Triple-glazing is intended for those who want highly efficient heat retention. The space between the panes increase the effectiveness of the insulation.

  • Effective lessening of heat loss
  • Even better noise reduction