GFDD 8000
January 4, 2017
October 19, 2017

GFDD 8000+

The S 8000 IQ Plus System is a unique product with a width of 83 mm. Thanks to its six-chambered construction, it has very good thermal insulation properties (with a U-value of Uw = 1.3 W/m2K with standard steel construction elements) and blocks out noise. This helps to lower heating costs.

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Description Its substantial width guarantees corner durability, in turn increasing the stability of the window. Thanks to the large steel construction elements used and the additional triple-paned glazing, the system is highly static. It is accentuated by its remarkable shape, including rounded casings, glazing beads, and leaf.The smooth interior surface of the casing does not have edges, preventing dust from accumulating. Moreover, optional ventilation systems prevent the formation of mold around the window.
Materials PVC
  • Increased heat retention and noise reduction thanks to six-chambered construction and greater thickness

  • Increased stability thanks to large steel reinforcements

  • Easy cleaning thanks to large frame surfaces

  • Perfect lines thanks to rounded frame, mouldings, and leaf