GFDD offers a unique range for multiple solutions.


Sound Insulation

Thanks to the sound-absorbing abilities of PVC multi-chamber profiles, sound insulation values are very high and suitable to guarantee the maximum level of comfort.

Thermal Insulation

PVC multi-chamber profiles have an extremely low thermal conductivity value, which equates to a better thermal insulation and a significant economic saving.

Fire Resistance

Extremely safe for any kind of building, PVC is flame retardant and self-extinguishing (Class1).

Water & Air Impermeability

Frame, opening shutters and special gaskets ensure a perfect tightness against leaks, also under extreme weather conditions. The profiles are Clima S certified, suitable and specific for severe climates.

Ecology & Environment

PVC does not pollute and protects the environment. It is fully recyclable.

Design Versatility

Our profiles, with their contemporary design, can be easily adapted to any architectural-environmental context: sea, mountain and urban environments. We offer optimal solutions both for new and for renovated buildings.

Easy To Install

The installation of new fittings implies the application of the frame, also without removing the older one and without interventions on the existing masonry.

Absence of Maintenance & Easy Cleaning

The action of time and weather elements, such as humidity, saltiness and solar irradiation, do not alter PVC, which, over time, needs only a simple cleaning with a damp, soft cloth.


The Technicals

  • Savings on heating40%
  • Satisfaction100%
  • Maintenance0%

PVC windows are a type of product tested and well known. They are able to deliver significant thermal and acoustic insulation with practical results both in terms of energy savings in preserving us from the traffic noise of our cities. Reduced maintenance required over the years makes them suitable to be installed and then almost "forgotten" remain unchanged over time.

Version profile doors "step", "semi-coplanar" and "rounded" that make up the system, allows the application of stained glass windows (the standard double-glazing unit has 4-15-4) with a wide range of thicknesses matching to the different versions of glazing bead, (with one or two attachment feet).

The unique open joint GFDD Window represents a perfect synthesis between aesthetics and technology. The Made in Italy design and high energy savings make this system a product of high quality.

The new 6 chamber system can reach high performances in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. The open joint system, made from PVC profiles multi- chambers matching to steel reinforcements with various shapes and geometry, ensures optimum levels of heat winning, acoustic and mechanical-structural.

In addition to the classic white PVC, we supply a variety of finishes including joinery wood finish in walnut and cherry.

Anti-Theft Hardware

Safety For You

If you care about the safety of your family, only a tested and reliable solution will do. We can provide this thanks to new generation frame elements manufactured by the Siegienia company, ideally suited to our mushroom locking cams.

Remember that windows which are secured from inside:

  • can be smoothly and easily tilted, and do not open by themselves
  • have hardware which prevents the frame from slipping out of the hinges
  • cannot be opened accidentally by a child